A View From Underneath the Bird feeder

Media: Video from still images

What you are looking at is a vertical/skyward view of a glass bottomed bird feeder. This is a short video, 75 seconds long, actually it is a series of still photos stitched together in iMovie. I was initially trying to get some hires photos of the undersides of wild birds. I still want to do that, but what I found interesting was the way the birds over time scattered the neat pile of bird seed and decided that it would make a fun movie. Anyway to get these shots I constructed a glass bottomed bird feeder using an old window set upon a wooden frame. The camera was placed about 24" below the glass, aimed straight up, and controlled remotely via a USB cable to my MacBook Pro. I only took a photo when I saw a significant change in the seed pattern. The elapsed time from the first photo to the last is 52 minutes.

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